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The importance of literacy in early childhood education

I was reading this fabulous guest post from Pages and Margins about the effect of the environmental factor (having a reading habit atmosphere) to early childhood education and I can’t wait to share with you. Link is just at the end of the post.

I am not a parent myself. But I am so glad to read what parents, who love to read, think about literacy. More importantly, us as a teacher, would really love all the parents on board, so that it does not only help children to build up their communication skills, but also add fun and ideas to their dramatic play, provide practical information to their lives and build up their creativity!

I am so proud of those parents who give their child(ren) 110% support in early childhood education. That is not easy, friends.

Remember to check the link below to see WHAT THE PARENTS THINK ABOUT LITERACY!

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The Influence of Books in Early Childhood by Katie Fitzgerald During the past few months, I have read two wonderful vintage books about the influence of reading on families with young children. Annis Duff’s Bequest of Wings (1944) is a lovely reflection on her family’s relationship to all different books as her children grew from […]

via A Reading Life: {Guest Post} The Influence of Books in Early Childhood — Pages and Margins

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Being me! That’s important!

Like how I usually begin a new blog every time, I’m very ambitious. I tell myself I will stick to my plan, write two blog posts every week and start doing those social media thing. However, the passion always died after a few weeks because I ran out of ideas or I really don’t have time to do it (FYI: I was a full-time student plus work nearly full time by then. Crazy, huh?). I have graduated now and am working part-time in hospitality while doing relief teaching in schools, I’m still quite full on. But deep down in my heart, the little flame doesn’t stop burning. I want to share my passion with everyone, and I want people to go along this journey with me if they have the same belief.

Here, let me present my new blog

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Why am I starting this blog and what is my passion?

I grow up in a family where literacy is highly valued. Me and my brother were taught to find fun and knowledge between lines, so as my cousins. However, since technology is getting more advanced, I sometimes doubt myself, “why are you spending so much time reading here and there on the Internet? Some of the information doesn’t even help you grow intellectually!” I can read about a celebrity for the whole night on my bed, browsing their social media accounts and YouTube videos, plus admiring their success. Do I truly want my life to be like this? Just admiring others?

(To help you think in my shoes: I am an Early Childhood Teacher) In university, I had a group of pre-service teachers who had similar passion as me. We gathered to prepare some literacy-related activities around children books because it could help us build up our portfolio in teaching, however I want more than that. I had my placement in a primary school which has a high percentage of family with low socioeconomic status and English as second language. Parents might not have time to nurture their child(children) at home or they could not help because they are learning the language too. Therefore, our responsibility in school gets heavier and that’s why I value literacy more as well. I can totally see when the door of literacy is opened, the child find it enjoyable not only when they read, but also when they are able to write their stories.

I want to promote the importance of literacy in early years, like many people already do. Let me be selfish once, I want to do it in my way. Let me learn together with you to push literacy further, and let people celebrate the joy of being literate.