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Mem Fox – I’m Australian too

I'm Australian Too - Mem Fox

Book Name:      I’m Australian too
Author:              Mem Fox
Illustrator:        Ronojoy Ghosh
Publisher:         Scholastic Australia
Published:        1st March, 2017

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What do I like about this book?
I read the latest post from littleBIGreads about this book and I am absolutely loving it! If you want to have a sneak peek of the book, scroll down to the bottom and I have already attached a Youtube link for you. But I am telling you, I am definitely buying this book because of a few reasons:

  • love how it presents Australia as a cultural diverse country and we are proud of it
  • prefect book for Harmony day
  • Even children as young as 3 years old, I am going to read this book again and again to them because the pictures are attractive and the story relates to their lives
  • love to introduce this book to my Reception – Year 2 class, explaining and exploring their own history and important events of different cultures
  • Love the use of words and sentence structures: Rhymes and repeat phases
  • Lots of Australian use of words to make children feel familiar
  • Raise children awareness in current affairs – Refugee: “If your country let me in”; Syria: “But then we have to flee.”
  • Love the illustration: the use of colours plus it is very Australian like! (Outback / City / beaches / different cities in Australia / varieties of food…)


There are a lot of reasons pushing me to own this fantastic book and my brain has been filled up with activities ideas based on it. I can’t wait to share them with you soon.

If you would love to buy the book like I do, Mem Fox’s website have the button BUY NOW and it will bring you to another pop up website. It is safe and secure!

Coming up next: Very High possibility on activity (maybe activities) for this book!

Vagrantgirl xx



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